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The Tourism and Hospitality industry manpower needs are increasing at a dramatic rate as the industry in Singapore and emerging new economies see rapid growth.

In Singapore, the F&B business is thriving with the booming of the tourism and hospitality industry. Skilled and specialised F&B individuals are in great demand due to high expectations of visitors to Singapore as a result of Singapore’s Integrated Resorts (IR), Casinos and STB’s blueprint (MICE industry).

Learning Outcome

Students will learn ways to understand the food and beverage language, serving, food handling and menu planning. They will be able to communicate with the customers by understanding how to meet the customers’ expectation and satisfaction.

Introduction to Hospitality Industry

This module is designed to create understanding of the hospitality environment by appreciating the scope of operations and facilities which shapes the hospitality industry as whole.

Food and Beverage Service

This module introduces students to the systems and procedures required for food and beverage service. It emphasizes the importance of high standards in service qualities and styles.

Food and Beverage Hygiene

This module introduces the students to hygiene matters which have become a very important aspect of food and beverage industry as it involves customers. Singapore law attaches prime importance to the safety of food products.

International Food and Beverage Language

This module helps the students to deal with customers and colleagues in a variety of hotel and restaurant situations. Students will develop basic interpersonal skills and relevant terminology knowledge in order to compete in the current market.

Wine and Bar Knowledge

This module helps students to learn and gain knowledge about the different beverage products, basic wine knowledge, food and wine services, styles, procedures, and sanitation.

Accounting Fundamentals

This module focuses on using financial reports in operating departments whereby students will learn about basic knowledge of accounting and billing methods.

Communication Skills

This module inspires and cultivates critical thinking, civic literacy and global awareness. It fosters the knowledge, skills and character traits that are essential to both a healthy democracy and to a competitive economy.

Professional Skills

This module is designed to train and equip students with Microsoft Office skills, the concept of Internet and professional skills for personal development.

Industrial Attachment (6 months)

This module allows students to explore their interests in the field so as to establish a foundation for their career choices. The aim of the placement is to provide our students with exciting real-world insights and to develop their attributes and skills in order to gain a competitive edge in hospitality and tourism industry. FTMSGlobal Academy’s philosophy is to integrate classroom studies with supervised practical work experience directly related to academic and career goals.

Students have to demonstrate their 21th century skills and attributes, and are fully responsible for the successful completion of the course, for their success at the interview session and securing the internship. Students can secure internship in or outside Singapore. They should work at established hotels, restaurants, etc to gain valuable real-world experience that will be paramount to them becoming the next-generation of the hospitality industry’s elite. FTMSGlobal will assist in the internship through mock interviews and arrange grooming and interview sessions for the individuals. Students who are unable to secure the IA will have to successfully complete a 3-months Research Project.

Study Hospitality and Tourism Programmes with Paid Industrial Attachment / Internship/OJT !*

{6 months study+6 months Industrial attachment}

Call us at +91-522-3231111 or Email for more details *T&C apply.


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