Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management aims to offer a broad program of core studies in all major business areas with the opportunity to study a professional specialisations of Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

It offers a unique opportunity to understand Logistics and Supply Chain Management processes in relation to the rest of  the enterprise in a competitive business environment.

Course Duration

Full-Time (Local & International Students)
6 Months Study + 6 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)

Part-Time (Local Students)
10 Months Study + 6 Months Industrial Attachment (IA)

LSC1001 – Business Communication

To demonstrate how business communication works in the real world, thus helping students to understand the concepts, behind effective communication while developing and refining their own abilities. Emphasis will be placed on the acquisition of practical skills, report writing and presentation skills.

LSC1002 – Entrepreneurship & The Environment

This module gives students the know-how to setting up a business and running it. It provides students with the knowledge and tools necessary to successfully plan, design, organise and start up a new business and how to avoid most of the pitfalls of new ventures. Students will also be exposed to hiring people and the rights and duties of employees.

LSC1003 – Marketing Management

To develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the key marketing and management theories, concepts and techniques of operating within business organisations. Students will also be exposed to Strategic Management knowledge to plan the business direction and achieving goals and targets. On completing the course, students will be able  to apply marketing principles in making marketing decisions.

LSC1004 – Integrated Business Logistics: International Transport

This module will prepare students to develop an understanding of the complexity of international goods movement, including shipping documentation for international transportation, from the time orders are processed and letters of credit are sent to the bank for negotiation, until the ultimate arrival of goods. It also aims to introduce the impact of regulation on international trade and transportation industries, particularly concerning the current changes in the transportation security arena.

LSC1005 – Managerial Economics & Information

To provide students basic awareness and analytical ability in respect to the major theories and policy issues of microeconomics in a logistics and supply chain environment. This unit also examines the requirements for appropriate supply chain information through accounting information how the information is obtained, how it is used and the impact of this when making decisions affecting the logistics pipeline of business.

LSC1006 – Operations Management for Logistics

One of the key components of an integrated logistics system is the production function. Product development and the optimisation of all resources are vital to meeting customer demand while maintaining business profitability. This unit addresses the operational aspects of production processing in relation to the logistics system, and emphasises the link between production and the supply chain. This unit also examines some principles and issues in contract management.

LSC1007 – Industrial Attachment (IA)

The coverage of the Industrial Attachment allows students to equip them with an understanding of the nature of the Logistics & Supply Chain Industry in a Practical and Operational aspect. Students are expected to undergo Industrial Attachment for a period of 6 Months.

Industrial Attachment is a compulsory and integral module of the Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management Course. In the event that a student is unable to participate in the Industrial Attachment Module due to circumstances beyond the control of STEi Institute; the student will be provided as a last resort, to successfully complete the Project Work to be considered for graduation from course and be awarded the Diploma in Logistics & Supply Chain Management.

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