The gateway of Europe welcomes students from across the globe. We are talking about Netherlands which is densely packed and laced with picturesque landscapes which will appease every wandering eye. There are so many clamors to pursue studies here. As a matter of fact, every student can learn not the same way or the same day. The exuberant gateway has been populous amongst students since 2011-12. And based on your countries origin there are certain requirements. If you are a student who believes in the beauty of every dream you have dreamt so far make it to Netherlands.

Students once who have made it to Netherlands have proclaimed aloud that success does not come unless you stride towards it. The breakdown of the student visa process is quite simple unless you follow every step and gather the apt documents. You will have to apply for a Dutch Schengen visa. Almost 17 million folks across the globe have called Netherlands their home irrespective of work studies and even business. And opting for this remarkable place for studies is nothing but a good head start towards a broader horizon.

May it be Holland or Netherlands they house eight universities that are ranked amongst top 100 in the world. Out of which the Dutch universities are extremely renowned amongst International students. Almost all 1500 courses and much more in additional courses are facilitated in English. The cost of living here is extremely affordable and the people living here are absolutely friendly.

General Requirements if your stay in Netherlands is more than 90 days

• A valid passport

• Two Latest photographs

• A complete MVV form

• Acceptance to undergo a tuberculosis test after your arrival in Netherlands

• Evidence you have means to support your fees a minimum of €833.22 (US$ 1160) per month

• Bank statements

• Birth Certificate

• Scholarships are always a benefit

• Acceptance letter from the institution or university you have applied

• Letter stating the purpose of visit

• A detailed Itinerary

• Academic Transcripts

Two types of visas to Netherlands

Provisional Residence Permit most of the students will need this type of visa Machtiging tot Voorlopig Verblifj in Dutch (MVV) in layman terms. This is a proof that you are a student residing in the Netherlands as a Dutch Resident temporarily. The processing time it takes to issue a student visa is approximately 3 months. The MVV is the first step to enter the Netherlands.

The second type of visa is applied on your behalf after you make it to the Netherlands and the university on your behalf does the proceedings for you. This should be done 5 days after your arrivals. And you will have to the pay the processing fees set by them. A residence permit is also called the VVR will be issued after two weeks since the date of applying. And after you receive the residence permit you will have to register with the local council updating them about your Residence permit.

The best benefit is you are free to travel anywhere around the Schengen area. This transition from an MVV to a VVR is done within two weeks where the student has to go and pick up the permit from the Dutch Immigration Department (IND) which will be issued for 3 years initially and then, a one-year extension to search for a job after the completion of the course.

Work Permit on Student Visas to Netherlands

• Every student is permitted to work irrespective of their country of origin

• There are limited hours of work

• Ten hours per week students are authorized to work

• During the months June July and August students are allowed to work full time

• You need to register with the local community for the Burger service number

• As a student you are supposed to file tax returns and pay your tax regularly

• Even if you are a student on scholarship your scholarship is considered as income

Most of all the civic integration exam is a mandate, your fingerprints will be taken at the embassy. For all these procedures to happen you will have to take an appointment in advance. And make sure you submit all your documents and if the application is approved, you will be informed about the visa approved. Later you will have to take the final appointment and then go and collect your approved MVV from the Dutch Embassy.

The Netherlands has made a record high of over 112,000 enhancing the quality of education in the Netherlands. The educational programs here are internationalizing faster each passing year, it is just studies but life after studies is going to be phenomenal irrespective of platforms like Science, Engineering, Technology and Even economics. There is plenty of room for you in the Netherlands.

We have alternatives for you and have better perspectives which will suit you as a student. World Wide College has a better plan for your aspirations and we acknowledge your goals just as you do.


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