As per the statistics revealed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the population of Australia increased to 24.22 million by September 2016.

The immigration numbers have increased by 15% up to 350, 000 which was the highest percentage increase since 2014.

It was stated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that the net overseas immigration was responsible for the major part of the population growth, quotes Business Insider.

Australian Bureau of Statistics further elaborated that net overseas immigrants added 193, 200 individuals to the population of Australia and was responsible for almost 55% increase in the population of the nation. 299,600 immigrants departed from Australia while 492, 800 immigrants arrived in the nation. There was a significant gain in the population of eastern states of Australia, stated ABS.

The fastest growth of net overseas immigration was witnessed by Queensland with an increase of 19%, said the Demography Director of Australian Bureau of Statistics Beidar Cho. Popular destinations for immigrants were Victoria and New South Wales that grew by 13% and 11% respectively.

The only other state that witnessed an increase of 9% while compared to the previous year’s statistics was Tasmania.

Though the immigration levels were high this was still not close to all time highest immigration record of 300,000 immigrants in the year 2009. Apart from immigration natural increase of population added 155, 500 individuals to the population of Australia that included 315, 000 births and deaths of 159, 500 people.

Victoria was the state to register the fastest growth of population whether in terms of percentage or numbers. In overall terms, 67, 700 people in Queensland and New South Wales with 109, 600 were added in the year 2016.

Possibly reflecting the improved economic conditions, all territories and states in eastern Australia witnessed an increase of at least 1.4% or more. Whereas in the western part of the nation, Western Australia was the only state that came closer to the rate of 1%.

In terms of the transition of the existing population of Australia in the last year, the trends of previous year continued. More people departed than arriving in Northern Territory, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, and New South Wales.

On the other hand, the reverse was true for ACT, Queensland, and Victoria. Victoria continued its recent trend of witnessing highest net increase with a gain of 17, 200 people, which was up from previous year’s 11, 200 people in September 2015, stated the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

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