Poland’s Gdańsk third in European Best Destinations 2017 contest. Have you ever been there?

Interesting facts about Gdansk:
1. Gdansk is one of the oldest Polish towns. (first mentioned in 997)
2. Gdansk hosted the UEFA European Football Championship in 2012.
3. World War II began in Gdansk. German invasion on Poland started on 1st September 1939 by attacking the Free City of Gdansk.
4. The “Solidarity” (Solidarnosc) was born in Gdansk.
5. The largest zoo in Poland is located in Gdansk.
6. Gdansk is a part of Thricity Agglomeration. (Trojmiasto)
7. St. Dominic Fair is one of the largest outdoor events of this type in Europe. It takes place in August in Gdansk and is visited by about 1.5 million people.
8. Gdansk is famous for the amber.

Now it’s a time to visit Gdansk.

Do you feel like studying there? Contact us now at: info@worldwidecollege.in


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