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Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, is facing a revolt from within her party who oppose her move to not include foreign students in the immigration figures.

Around 134,000 foreigners entered Britain to study in the last one-year ending September 2016, until which time the total net migration was 273,000.

Ben Howlett, the Tory MP for Bath, was quoted by The Independent as saying that foreign student numbers should not be included in the immigration statistics.

He said that the government could still stop it when amendments to the Higher Education Bill are tabled before the Commons in the third week of April. This opportunity should not be missed, added Howlett.

Neil Carmichael, Tory chair of the Education Select Committee, was of the view that higher education is an export industry for the United Kingdom. Any restrictions on the entry of foreign students into the country would seriously affect education sector of UK.

Anna Soubry, another Conservative MP, nailed it when she said that foreign students benefit their universities and colleges and, more importantly, their economy.

She added that when they return home after having completed their results, their goodwill towards Britain would frequently lead to both trade deals and better international relations and understanding.

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