Whether you are studying or working there is nothing easier than having your family around you. A family is always responsible for achieving goals. And all of this will be an experience when you are eligible to make use of the opportunity of inviting your family to Spain.

Life as a Student in Spain is something worthwhile. As soon as you reach Spain and you have completed a one year stay, you will be eligible to invite your family members and dependants. There are a few requirements for you to take that step.

If your course in Spain is over six months you should be applying for a Student Residence Permit within 30 days of your arrival. You are required to do this at your local foreigner’s office.

Documents for student’s residence permit:

  • A valid passport of the sponsor or the student who would be inviting the family
  • Duly filled an application form which is a residence permit for family renunciation for each and every member who will be coming to Spain.
  • College or Institution approval letter confirming the course and the duration
  • Three latest photographs
  • Letter of residency proving the current stay which will be given by the local police
  • A letter of residency will be given by the local police if you present to them a copy of the passport, a rental contract or even a utility bill would do.
  • The residence permit card is valid for a year which can be renewed.

Family members can visit while you are a student provided as an applicant you apply first at the local office and after you get the approval.

Documents required by the applicant are:

  • Document stating the relationship status with the family member
  • A copy of the passport
  • Copy of the residence permit
  • Proof you have adequate living space for your family members
  • Evidence of economic resources to take care of the needs of your family during their duration of stay.

A few steps to be taken by the family member while applying for the short stay visa at the embassy of their home country.

  • Officially signed application form
  • A copy of the passport
  • Residing proof of stay for the past 5 years
  • A copy of the residence permit of the sponsor living in Spain as a student.
  • Proof of the economic dependency of the family member
  • Documents that prove the relationship status
  • If married a marriage certificate
  • And if there are dependent children their birth certificate is important.
  • A medical health certificate of every family member

The visa will be issued for 3 months, and after the family members arrive in Spain they will have to apply for a foreigner’s card identification card. They are allowed to stay but working during the stay is not authorised.

If you have any questions related to immigration and visa procedures contact World Wide College the world’s best Immigration Consultant to do the needful.


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