The highly respected University of Lodz is one of the leading institutions of higher education in Poland. For decades it has been also one of the biggest and most popular Polish universities. It was established in 1945 as a successor of educational institutions active in Lodz in earlier times. The 12 faculties of the University provide programmes in 38 fields of study and 160 specializations. In addition, the University offers several doctoral programmes, more than 90 postgraduate curricula including an MBA programme, and programmes financed by the ESF. Over 140,000 students have graduated from the University of Lodz since its foundation (excluding postgraduate and PhD programmes). Our students, together with those studying in Lodz within Erasmus programme, come from about 70 different countries. In this truly international atmosphere everyone can experience the cultural diversity of both the city and the institution.



Course Location Price Fee per semestr
BA Economics (3 years) Lodz 7500 € 1250 €
BA Economics – European Studies (3 years) Lodz 7500 € 1250 €
BA Management – Business Management (3 years) Lodz 7500 € 1250 €
Bachelor Degree English Studies (3 years) Lodz 6000 € 1000 €
BA Computer Science (3 years) Lodz 7500 € 1250 €
BA Asian Studies (3 years) Lodz 7500 € 1250 €
BA International Marketing (3 years) Lodz 7500 € 1250 €
BA International Encounters In Culture (3 years) Lodz 7500 € 1250 €
SCHOOL OF FRENCH LAW in French (3 years) Lodz 7500 € 1250 €
MANAGEMENT AND FINANCE (3 years) Lodz 7500 € 1250 €


Course Location Price Fee per semestr
MA International Relations – American Studies and Mass Media (2 years) Lodz 5000 € 1250 €
MA Ecohydrology (2 years) Lodz 6000 € 1500 €
Master Degree English Studies (2 years) Lodz 4000 € 1000 €
MA International Relations – International Marketing (2 years) Lodz 5000 € 1250 €
MA International Relations – International Gender Studies (2 years) Lodz 5000 € 1250 €
MA Computer Science (2 years) Lodz 5000 € 1250 €
MSc in Governance for Sustainable Development (2 years) Lodz 5000 € 1250 €
MA Political Management (2 years) Lodz 4000 € 1000 €
MA POLITICAL MANAGEMENT – in Russian (2 years) Lodz 4000 € 1000 €
MA CULTURA-SOCIEDAD-POLITICA – in Spanish (2 years) Lodz 5000 € 1250 €
MA Economics and International Business (2 years) Lodz 5000 € 1250 €
MA Geography (2 years) Lodz 10000 € 2500 €
MA Intercultural Communication (2 years) Lodz 10000 € 1250 €


Course Location Price Fee per semestr
International Marketing Management (1 year) Lodz 3000 € 1500 €
Formation Franco-Polonaise de Gestion MBA (1,5 year) Lodz 3500 € 1167 €


The candidate is required to complete a set of documents:

  • an application form
  • copies of certificates and diplomas,
  • a copy of transcript of records,
  • an English language certificate,
  • a cover letter,
  • a copy of the passport with a picture,

and send them to the International Students Office. These may be copies/scans of the documents, since students need to bring the original documents with them after being admitted to the university. If the documents are in a foreign language, they need to be translated into English or Polish.The documents are considered on their merits.

After the positive decision is made, the candidate is given bank account information to pay for the recruitment process. A signed statement and proof of payment must be returned to the International Students Office. The candidate is sent a Confirmation Letter and asked to legalize their documents. In some cases, candidate is asked to contact the Polish Embassy in their country to legalize the documents first.

After the candidate has received the legalization of his/her certificates, the International Students Office sends a Letter of Acceptance to the candidate. Usually, the letter is needed to get a student visa.

In order to receive a visa, the student needs to contact the Polish Embassy or Consulate in their country. The documents needed to get a visa are similar or correspond with those needed for the enrolment process into the university. Usually the Embassy asks to see the proof of the tuition payment and the financial statement of the funds needed to study in Poland.

Students wishing to obtain a room in the university dormitory need to fill in the Accommodation Request (a place in the university dormitory in a double room costs about $100-120 a month).

Upon arriving in Poland, a student is required to present all the original documents listed above.

Unless the candidate holds a grant of his/her government, there is a tuition fee that applies to different studies, both in Polish and English. Candidates who present a proof of Polish origin, pay 30% less. Members of the EU are treated like Polish citizens. For more updated details on tuition fees, please contact the International Students Office.

If the students apply for the studies using the copies or scans of the documents, they will be asked to sign the statement agreeing to provide the University of Lodz with the original documents on their arrival to Poland. Failing to comply with this requirement will result in a removal from the students´ list.


International students who wish to study in Poland and want to avoid costs of education can apply for various scholarships which either exempt them from paying a tuition fee or serve as a financial support in covering their living expenses in Lodz.

Foreigners of Polish origin applying for a scholarship awarded by the Government of the Republic of Poland should contact the Polish Embassy or the Polish Consulate at their permanent place of residence to receive further information concerning the scholarship.

Students who are holders of the Polish Government Scholarship, may receive the following benefits in the course of their education in the Republic of Poland on a one-time basis:

  • relocation allowance during the first year of studies,
  • hardship allowance,
  • allowance for diploma thesis preparation.

Candidates who are not of Polish origin may obtain information at the Polish Embassy in their respective countries on inter-governmental agreements, thanks to which students are entitled to receive co-financing or commence studies without fees and scholarship benefits (free-ofcharge studies).

Information on this issue may also be obtained at the Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange http://www.buwiwm.edu.pl/
Here you will find the list of Polish Embassies in the world  http://embassy.goabroad.com/ embassies-of/Poland

Do you feel like studying there? Contact us now
at: info@worldwidecollege.in


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