The Professional Internship Program offers candidates an opportunity to gain professional work experience and improve career opportunities in almost all academic fields and a wide range of industries. It is aimed at candidates seeking work experience / internship positions in Australia. An internship is a great way to gain exposure into the professional work environment and develop professional workplace skills. All placements are non-paid training positions and they are available in all major cities of Australia. The Professional Internship Program will give candidates entry to Australia’s leading organisations.

Internship lengths vary depending on candidates and their objectives or academic requirements. The minimum length is 6 weeks and maximum length is 26 weeks.

Candidates can choose from any of the following fields to do their internship.

Business Administration
Human Resources
Events Management
IT, Computing & Design
Agriculture, Farming & Conservation
Architecture & Design
Arts (Creative & Social)
Beauty & Cosmetics
Communications & Public Relations
Education & Training
Environment & Sustainability
Graphic Design
Import, Export & Trade
Journalism*Law & Legal Services
Logistics & Transport
Media & Advertising
Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Planning & Design
Politics & Government*
Social Work
Sport & Leisure
Travel & Tourism
Veterinary Science
Plus many more…

Note: Positions in the Health Industry for doctors, nurses, dentists etc. are not available due to government restrictions.*Certain fields may require extra lead time and/or additional requirements such as portfolios.

* Additional programs are available. Please contact our friendly staff to receive more information about how we can customize a program just for you!

Globalize your resume
Obtain academic credit
Develop workplace English skills
Form alliances with international companies
Gain recognition within chosen profession
Improve career opportunities
Develop an appreciation of the Australian work ethic and labour procedures


In order to be eligible for the Professional Internship Program candidates must meet the following requirements:
Aged 18-30- Not applicable if you have your own visa with full working rights
The internship field requested is directly related to your educational background
Currently enrolled in a tertiary course, or
A recent graduate within 24 months of course completion
Upper intermediate – advanced English language skills


Interns have the flexibility of choosing their preferred start dates (allow for 3-4 month lead time)

​Visa Information

408 Temporary Activity Visa

Our Internship Program has been approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for the 408 Temporary Activity visa. Suitable candidates aged 18 to 30 are eligible for entry with the 408 visa. We will issue the necessary documentation to suitable candidates so they are able to obtain the 408 Temporary Activity visa.

Current students and recent graduates (up to 24 months after graduation) can complete an internship directly related to their field of study.

Applicants who have already completed an internship performing similar duties at the same skill level should refer to us to clarify their eligibility.

This visa option provides flexibility to complete short periods of English language studies prior to your internship program commencement in Australia.

The English language component can only make up 20% of the total time the applicant wishes to spend in Australia. If more intensive English language is required, the applicant would need to enter Australia on a more appropriate visa.

The visa application will not be submitted to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection until we have received the visa fee. If a delay occurs due to this, we accept no responsibility.

Temporary Activity Visa applications should be lodged to allow for at least 28 days processing time. Please refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for more information

Student Visa

Applicants may complete an internship for up to 20 hours per week throughout the semester (only in Marketing internships), or on a full-time basis during scheduled holidays/after graduation. Students completing an internship for Academic requirements may be able to complete full-time during their studies. Students are required to obtain work rights with the student visa prior to completing the internship.

Please refer to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for more information

Other visas

There are a range of other visas that are suitable,  provided they allow the visa holder to work full-time.

Please note we encourage all students to complete a full time internship program to gain a more realistic and thorough understanding of the Australian workplace. Full time internships provide greater scope for learning and assist to ensure your internship objectives are realized.


Fair Work Australia’s Guidelines for Unpaid Work Experience & Internships

When you participate in an internship through Smart Careers Australia, you can be assured that we are fully compliant with Fair Work Australia guidelines. In addition,  we maintain regular communication with Fair Work Australia regarding quality internship options for international students and young professionals.

They have defined lawful unpaid work to include work trials, volunteer work, work experience and internships. It also includes a vocational placement as defined under the Fair Work Act 2009. Unpaid work is lawful if it is a genuine work experience, vocational placement or volunteering arrangement. For more information, please visit


We offer free assessment to all our candidates. Simply send your resume, cover letter, academic transcripts and copy of your passport for us to access your eligibility for the internship program in Australia. Once we find you eligible, we will invite you to apply. Please note that we accept CV and letter of Objectives in the following format only:



Please note:
The lead time to place you in a Professional internship and process your visa is 3-4 months.

We can also help recent migrants and international students in Australia to get some real world working experience.

Program Fees

The program fees will vary on the duration you choose. Please get in touch with us with your resume and we can guide you further.


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