Here are top 10 nations for study overseas that offer an excellent education to international students that are nearly free of cost:

Happy group of college students smiling and holding notebooks

Rank 1: Germany

Germany is ranked number 1 when it comes to excellent higher education at no or minimal cost. The tuition fee is not charged at all by the public universities in this nation. However, they charge a university administration fee that is nominal around 250-150 Euros.

Rank 2: Norway

Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level programs are fully cost-free in Norway, irrespective of the nationality. However, it is required that you are proficient in the Norwegian language. The reason is that majority of the Bachelor’s level courses are taught in this language.

Rank 3: Sweden

Application and tuition fees are charged by the universities in Sweden for international students from non-EU/EEA and Nordic nations. This is for Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs. But Doctoral courses are free of cost and in fact, offer monthly salary!

Rank 4: Austria

International students from non-EU/EEA nations will have to pay a nominal tuition fee of around 730 Euros per semester in Austria. This is not bad considering the quality of life in the nation.

Rank 5: Finland

Tuition fees are charged for students from non-EU/EEA nations who intend to study in Finland. But this is applicable only for those Graduate and Post-graduate courses that are taught in English.

Rank 6: Czech Republic

Higher education is free for students from all nations if they know the local language. If you intend to study in English a nominal tuition fee will be applicable.

Rank 7: France

Higher education is mostly free in France excluding certain public universities. Even here it is just nominal, as quoted by the Scoop Whoop.

Rank 8: Belgium

International students are required to pay nominal tut ion fee in Belgium. But this does not pinch at all as you get to experience a wholly new culture.

Rank 9: Greece

Greece offers higher education to overseas students at very low cost and the cost of living here is also minimal.

Rank 10: Spain

Similar to several EU nations, free university education is offered by Spain only to EU nationals. But the cost for students outside the EU is also minimal and the cost of living is reasonable too.

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