After the UK relaxed immigration regulations from 11 January, it is estimated that more Indian students will enter Britain to pursue higher education. But some people state that the UK needs to amend its policy much more to attract more international students.


The number of Indian students applying to universities in Britain is said to have declined in the last few years after the country’s government adopted strict visa rules.

According to the British Council, the number of international students entering the country dropped by 10 percent. Until 2017, overseas students had to exit from the country as soon as they completed their courses and needed to apply for work visas if they wanted to be employed there.

While other countries offer master’s programmes for two years, the UK offers them only for a year. Students must obtain the tier 2 visas to study in the UK. If they want to get work visas, tier 4 visas, they must have completed a master’s programme.

The Hindu is quoted as saying that the number of students who entered the UK from India in 2017 was 18,015, making up for 3.6 percent of the total international students in the European country.

The past few years saw the UK losing its sheen as the number of students from India began preferring Australia and Canada, which offer students more leeway after the complete their studies.

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