UK MPs have condemned the erroneous unfriendly atmosphere for unlawful Overseas Migrants in the nation. They have said that the errors in terminating bank accounts and revoking of driving licenses are undermining the credibility of immigration system of the UK.


The report by Home Affairs Select Committee of House of Commons says that the UK government needs to end its dependence on erroneous unfriendly atmosphere for unlawful Overseas Migrants. It is deeply painful for those who are involved. Moreover, it also damages the credibility of enforcement of immigration, says the report, as quoted by the Guardian.

The report further elaborates that there is a longstanding absence of any formal assessment of the nature and scale of unlawful Overseas Migrants. This has resulted in unchecked increased anxiety on this issue. It also demands to reveal the yearly estimates based on the data of exit checks.

The report of the cross-party committee is the strongest parliamentary censure for the unfriendly atmosphere initiatives by the Home Office. It has cited a rate of 10% error in the list of disqualified people identified by the Home Office. Some of them have been denied opening a new bank account. The reason was that they were erroneously added to the list of those at risk of facing deportation.

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee report elaborates that recently the Home Office has threatened individuals of deportation based on untested and inaccurate data. This is even prior to an independent appeal process. It damages the credibility of the entire immigration system of the UK, adds the report.

The report has been formed after an inquiry of 12 months. It includes views of the panels of citizens across cities and towns in the UK. The government of the UK has been called upon to create greater trust and consensus for immigration as a part of immigration policy post –Brexit.

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