happy independence day 2018

Though the #freedom can never be counted in years because it is always felt,
But we can #celebrate the grand #steps we have been walking since #1947 keeping our heads up.
Happy 72nd #Independence Day #India!
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UK MPs condemn erroneous unfriendly atmosphere for unlawful overseas migrants

UK MPs have condemned the erroneous unfriendly atmosphere for unlawful Overseas Migrants in the nation. They have said that the errors in terminating bank accounts and revoking of driving licenses are undermining the credibility of immigration system of the UK.


The report by Home Affairs Select Committee of House of Commons says that the UK government needs to end its dependence on erroneous unfriendly atmosphere for unlawful Overseas Migrants. It is deeply painful for those who are involved. Moreover, it also damages the credibility of enforcement of immigration, says the report, as quoted by the Guardian.

The report further elaborates that there is a longstanding absence of any formal assessment of the nature and scale of unlawful Overseas Migrants. This has resulted in unchecked increased anxiety on this issue. It also demands to reveal the yearly estimates based on the data of exit checks.

The report of the cross-party committee is the strongest parliamentary censure for the unfriendly atmosphere initiatives by the Home Office. It has cited a rate of 10% error in the list of disqualified people identified by the Home Office. Some of them have been denied opening a new bank account. The reason was that they were erroneously added to the list of those at risk of facing deportation.

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee report elaborates that recently the Home Office has threatened individuals of deportation based on untested and inaccurate data. This is even prior to an independent appeal process. It damages the credibility of the entire immigration system of the UK, adds the report.

The report has been formed after an inquiry of 12 months. It includes views of the panels of citizens across cities and towns in the UK. The government of the UK has been called upon to create greater trust and consensus for immigration as a part of immigration policy post –Brexit.

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Change in visa rules could see more Indian students heading to UK

After the UK relaxed immigration regulations from 11 January, it is estimated that more Indian students will enter Britain to pursue higher education. But some people state that the UK needs to amend its policy much more to attract more international students.


The number of Indian students applying to universities in Britain is said to have declined in the last few years after the country’s government adopted strict visa rules.

According to the British Council, the number of international students entering the country dropped by 10 percent. Until 2017, overseas students had to exit from the country as soon as they completed their courses and needed to apply for work visas if they wanted to be employed there.

While other countries offer master’s programmes for two years, the UK offers them only for a year. Students must obtain the tier 2 visas to study in the UK. If they want to get work visas, tier 4 visas, they must have completed a master’s programme.

The Hindu is quoted as saying that the number of students who entered the UK from India in 2017 was 18,015, making up for 3.6 percent of the total international students in the European country.

The past few years saw the UK losing its sheen as the number of students from India began preferring Australia and Canada, which offer students more leeway after the complete their studies.

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Immigrants make up over half of software developers in Seattle, Silicon Valley

About 143,000 skilled workers in the Seattle area are employed in IT sector. They include system analysts, programmers and software developers, among others.


Out of these, 40 percent, or 57,000 skilled workers, were not born in the United States, the 2016 data reveals.

If only software developers are taken into consideration, more than 50 percent of those are foreign-born. In fact, software developers make up for more than 50 percent of the IT jobs in and around Seattle.

The proportion of foreign-born workers in Silicon Valley (California) is even more. According to a study, out of the total number of IT workers in the San Jose area, 71 percent of them were said to be not American born.

On the other hand, the number of foreign-born workers in the other tech hubs of US is less. In Texas, Portland and Minneapolis, their proportion is below 25 percent and only around 16 percent in Denver.

Somasegar, managing director at Madrona Venture Group, a Seattle-based venture-capital company, is quoted by the Seattle Times as saying that there are many factors that influence international tech workers in choosing Seattle and Silicon Valley over others.

According to him, most people coming to Seattle from various foreign nations do so to study and get a job because they want to be in the thick of the action.

Although he accedes that Silicon Valley will continue to attract most, Seattle is not lagging far behind. The presence of Amazon and Microsoft has also added to its appeal.

For instance, in 1990, only 11 percent tech professionals in Seattle were foreign-born. Most numbers of foreign IT workers in this city are said to be from India and China, with both the nations accounting for 50 percent of them.

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All that Indian students must know to study in no.1 cheapest overseas study destination – Germany

Germany is the no.1 cheapest overseas study destination for international students. The most sought-after fields include Computer Sciences, Engineering, Cultural Studies, and Business & Management. In these disciplines of study, solutions are constantly discovered and innovation is encouraged. A wide range of research has also taken these disciplines to the next level.


Germany D-Visa

Indian students who intend to study in no.1 cheapest overseas study destination – Germany will need the D-Visa.

Processing Times

Always ensure to allocate additional time for your visa application. Immediately after having been accepted and enrolled into a chosen German university you must apply for the German D-Visa. You must apply minimum 90 days prior to the commencement of university degree program.

Key steps for the Germany Student visa

You must first schedule an appointment with the Embassy or Consulate of Germany in India through the visa application center.

You must then attend the interview at the time allocated to you and provide your biometrics.

Indian students may be asked to offer biometrics during the process of visa application.

Biometrics usually includes additional identification such as photos and fingerprints that nation’s use for purposes of security.

German D-Visa fees

A payment of 60 Euros must be made for the D-Visa of Germany for students from India. You will be given payment options by German authorities based on your situation. These include bank transfer, on location at VAC or online. An annual residence fee of 110 Euros must also be paid by the students, as quoted by the Masters Portal EU.

Documents required

The most important documentation that will decide your German D-Visa application is the proof for adequate funds. You will have to demonstrate that you have access to 720 Euros monthly from an external source. This can also be shown in the bank account.

Students from India will also have to demonstrate proficiency in the English language adequate to pursue studies in an international university in Germany.

Indian students will also have to create a Blocked Account. This is a bank account that limits the monthly withdrawal of money. You get access to this account only after you have arrived in Germany.

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Study Overseas – Top 10 nations that offer free education to international students

Here are top 10 nations for study overseas that offer an excellent education to international students that are nearly free of cost:

Happy group of college students smiling and holding notebooks

Rank 1: Germany

Germany is ranked number 1 when it comes to excellent higher education at no or minimal cost. The tuition fee is not charged at all by the public universities in this nation. However, they charge a university administration fee that is nominal around 250-150 Euros.

Rank 2: Norway

Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral level programs are fully cost-free in Norway, irrespective of the nationality. However, it is required that you are proficient in the Norwegian language. The reason is that majority of the Bachelor’s level courses are taught in this language.

Rank 3: Sweden

Application and tuition fees are charged by the universities in Sweden for international students from non-EU/EEA and Nordic nations. This is for Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs. But Doctoral courses are free of cost and in fact, offer monthly salary!

Rank 4: Austria

International students from non-EU/EEA nations will have to pay a nominal tuition fee of around 730 Euros per semester in Austria. This is not bad considering the quality of life in the nation.

Rank 5: Finland

Tuition fees are charged for students from non-EU/EEA nations who intend to study in Finland. But this is applicable only for those Graduate and Post-graduate courses that are taught in English.

Rank 6: Czech Republic

Higher education is free for students from all nations if they know the local language. If you intend to study in English a nominal tuition fee will be applicable.

Rank 7: France

Higher education is mostly free in France excluding certain public universities. Even here it is just nominal, as quoted by the Scoop Whoop.

Rank 8: Belgium

International students are required to pay nominal tut ion fee in Belgium. But this does not pinch at all as you get to experience a wholly new culture.

Rank 9: Greece

Greece offers higher education to overseas students at very low cost and the cost of living here is also minimal.

Rank 10: Spain

Similar to several EU nations, free university education is offered by Spain only to EU nationals. But the cost for students outside the EU is also minimal and the cost of living is reasonable too.

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Italy will offer 30, 850 Work Visas to overseas immigrant workers in 2018

The Government of Italy has announced that 30, 850 Work Visas will be offered to Overseas Immigrant Workers in 2018. These will be available for non-EEA nationals. The allocation of visas is same that was in 2017. More than 50% of the visas are reserved for seasonal work entries.


Most of the remaining 30, 850 Work Visas are allocated for conversion of permits. This enables overseas immigrants who already possess the Italy/EU Residence Permit to change their status. They can convert this into a work permit or for self-employment.

Remaining visas are for self-employed workers and select categories of overseas nationals. This includes nationals of South America who have Italian ancestors. It also includes individuals who have completed particular training in their nation of residence.

Immigration to Italy for Work is based on a system of quota. It is fixed every year through a Decree. This decree fixes the number of work visas for each category of overseas nationals. It also decided the period during which the applications for work visas can be submitted. Permits are normally granted on the basis of first served on first arrival basis, as quoted by the Euronews.

Many categories of overseas workers are excluded from the cap and are not subject to any quotas. This includes Intra-company transfers and highly skilled Managers or Executives allocated to an Italian branch of an overseas legal entity. It also does not include Professional nurses, Interpreters, Translators, Professors, and University Lecturers.

Application forms for conversion of permits and permits allocated for a special section of overseas nationals are available from 18 January on a dedicated website. The submission starts on 23rd January.

Seasonal work visa application forms will also be available on the same website from 23rd January. The submission commences on 31 January.

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